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Little Talks With God

A Prayer to Stop Worrying



Holy God, creator and provider of all that You have created, Your Son took us from the mountain top to the lowest valley when He taught us to begin our prayers by recognizing Your Fatherhood, then soon had us pray: “Give us this day our daily bread.”  What is more nonspiritual, earthier, and more basic to life than bread?  Surely His reference to bread is to remind us that no matter how basic something is to life, You are the provider of it.  His reference to our daily bread is obviously a reminder that we are to acknowledge You for everything, our food and drink; our shoes and shelter; our money and medication.  You are the provider of that which sustains life.  “Give us this day our daily bread.”  


You are not only our creator, but our provider.  We need not beg.   Jesus did not teach us to say: “Please, give us our daily bread.” Your fists are not clenched, giving us grudgingly that which we need just to live.  We need not plead with You, as if You find delight in withholding the basic needs of life from us.   No, You are generous and caring,  the cattle on a thousand hills belong to You.  Your invitation to us as we gather around our tables is, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed are those that that take refuge in him.”


Surely when we pray these simple words: “Give us this day our daily bread,” Your Son is reminding us not to worry, You will provide.  We confess that we are tempted to worry.  The older we get the more we worry concerning our basic needs.  We confess that we do not fear death, but we fear out living our resources.  We hear the words of the Psalmist when he said: “I have been young and now I am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, or his descendents begging bread.” Yet, there is for many, the lingering worry that they shall outlive their resources.  Give us, O Heavenly Father, God of love and grace, the gift of faith that truly believes that You will provide for our basic needs as long as we have life.  Teach us not to worry but to trust You for all our needs whatever they may be.


And even as we ask this of You, our loving and caring God, we struggle and bear the pain of knowing that there are thousands, yes, millions who go to bed hungry.   Why, O God, is this so?  And in our quiet moments we hear You whisper, my child, it is not because of my indifference or my inability to feed the hungry of the world, but it is because of the sins of men and of nations.  It is because many prefer to prepare for war and not for peace.  Nations fight against nations, tribes against tribes, man against man.  Leaders are more interested in bullets and bombs than they are in bread.  Father, may we who pray for our daily bread, pray also that peace and compassion, love and mercy might fill the hearts of all who control the bread of the world.  Yes, teach us to pray not only  to give us our daily bread, but to give to all who go to bed hungry their daily bread.   This we pray in the name of Him who is the true bread of life, Jesus the Christ.  




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