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Little Talks With God
A Prayer In Times of Crisis.

A Prayer For Those Who Have Need of Healing.

A Prayer For Those Who Have Lost A Loved One To Cancer.

A Prayer For Those Who Face An Agonizing Decision.

A Prayer For A cure For The Incurable.

A Prayer For One Facing Surgery.

A Prayer For Those Who Face the Sunset.

A Prayer For Those In The Sunset Years Of Life.

A Prayer For Those With Deep Emotional Needs.

A Prayer For Those With Whom We Shared This Week.

A Prayer For Those With Heavy Burdens.

A Prayer For Deliverance From Fear.

A Prayer For Those Who Live With Unanswered Prayer.

A Prayer for Mercy (Abortion).

A Prayer Those With A Heavy Heart.

In Times of Difficulty


No one would say that this life is easy.  Sickness, heavy hearts, disappointment and worry are all part of the human experience.  But there is hope for those in the Lord.  The prayers to the left will not only deepen your understanding, but will encourage and uplift your soul.  


We encourage you to take a few moments, pick one of these prayers and let it lead you in prayer.  Then, spend a few more minutes meditating on just how great a God we serve.










A Prayer in Times of Crisis

“...We are being reminded again and again, in numerous ways, that we live in a time of crisis.  To be sure, we all face crisis, even though not all of us face the same crisis, nor are all crisis equally as demanding or devastating as others, yet all can make us fearful, anxious, cynical and even pessimistic.   As your children, we pray...”    more









A Prayer for Those who face the Sunset

“...You are the God that has compassion on the weak and the weary; that sympathizes with the tired and the troubled; that comforts the lonely and the lost; that sympathizes with the despondent and defeated.   There are no surprises with you.  You know our every thought, our every trial, our every pain, our every problem...”   more









A Prayer for the one facing Surgery

“...Through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit give him peace, assurance and a quiet spirit as he trusts his body into the hands of the surgeons.  Grant to him a double portion of faith that all doubts and fears may be driven from his heart.   All trepidations, all agitation may be laid to rest...”    more






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