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Little Talks With God

A Prayer For One Facing Surgery



Holy God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father through Him, You are the giver of life, You are the sustainer of life, You are the one to whom we travel.  We lift into Your presence, a cousin by marriage, who is the apple of Your eye, for he came out of the darkness of unbelief into the light of Your amazing grace.  He has confessed Christ as his Savior and Lord and has openly lived for Him.  This week, like many, he faces serious surgery to remove the cancer in his body.  Father, minister to him in a very special way as he faces the challenge of this experience.  Through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit give him peace, assurance and a quiet spirit as he trusts his body into the hands of the surgeons.  Grant to him a double portion of faith that all doubts and fears may be driven from his heart.   All trepidations, all agitation may be laid to rest.


Grant that even now You may be flooding his mind with the divine truth of the principle of position.  May he know that he who is in Christ, is already from that moment in time justified, reconciled and accepted; that he is already beholden by You as one who is already pure and perfect, free of all sin and shame.  May he not confuse his condition as a sinner still living in the flesh, with his position as already being with Christ in eternity.   


Father God, grant Your servant may not waste his cancer as a means of witnessing to Your amazing love and grace in Jesus Christ.  May this whiff of his mortality give him a deeper and richer understanding of his earthly life.   And in closing remind him, O God, that never will the win/win of the Christian life be more real as he remembers that he will awaken from his surgery either in the presence of his loved ones or in the presence of the Lord.       Hallelujah      Amen  


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