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Little Talks With God

A Prayer For Civil Servants



Holy God, creator and sustainer, in Your infinite wisdom You have set individuals in families, families in communities, communities in cities, cities in counties, counties in States and States in nations.  This week we are burdened for the multitude of civil servants who work to make living, sharing and working together, fruitful, fulfilling and joyful.   We pray for those who serve in positions of great responsibilities and those of lesser responsibilities, those who represent millions and those who serve hundreds, those whose decision will affect generations still to be born and those who serve the immediate needs of today.  Grant that every civil servant may treat the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the educated and the uneducated with dignity and fairness.  May they serve without prejudice or partiality in times of prosperity or poverty, peace or war.   O God, may every civil servant be a person of integrity, reliability and commitment; one who serves out of a sincere compassion, never seeking personal gain,  status or prestige.  May they make every effort to make  their communities, cities, counties, states and  nation, not only a better place to live, but a place known for its  mercy,  justice, righteousness and fairness.  Give to each of them knowledge, insight, courage and strength.  May they know right from wrong, when to be flexible and when to be firm.


Father, we confess that recently our faith in our government and in our civil servants has been tested.  We  wonder if our system of government can function in an immoral culture in which lying, cheating and disobedience of rules and regulations is the norm for both those who serve and those who are served.  When influence is peddled and sold to the highest bidder.  We have felt betrayed, deceived and disappointed when civil servants have had their lives examined and found wanting.  When the rumor is that many who are qualified to serve refuse because they fear having their lives scrutinized.  O God, have all  forgotten that there is an all seeing eye and on the judgment day all shall give an account of how they have used their power and influence?    Is our recent experience but the tip of the iceberg?  If so, we fear lest the experience of the Titanic be a foreshadowing of our own destiny? When we learn of the back-scratching, special interest, lobby-driven parochialism that takes place in our government, we wonder if our civil servants have the backbone and the moral integrity to lead our nation.  Or has decay already advanced to the stage where we are hopelessly lost.


Heavenly Father, be merciful to our great land and to those who lead us in our communities, cities, counties, states and national government.  Give to each a sense of calling.  May each put a high value on justice, righteousness, honesty and service.  May all have a pure heart and the peace and joy of knowing they have taken the high road.  O God, no one said it would be easy and no one said it was going to be this hard.  But may the day come when we can say, “Praise the Lord, we have come this far.”


This we pray in the name of the Righteous of the righteous; the Purest of the pure.  Amen   




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